Mohamed Rashad

Software Architect/Engineer

Driven by passion and guided by discipline, I'm an aspiring Electronics & Communications Engineering Student and a Professional Software Engineer, with 5+ years of experience in various multinationals, startups and teams, interacting with a range of problems from building websites and apps, designing robots or developing machine learning applications, alongside experimenting with many ideas and trying to fulfill my curiosity by learning everything I can put my hands on.

I consider myself a catalyst of change, taking initiatives and hold the responsibility of the community around me, offering my time and energy to improve it and working for the greater good alongside working on my personal goals.

I'm T-shaped minded person, interested in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary work, considering this, I work to find the links between different disciplines and integrate them for a solution.

Fields of Interest :
Software Engineering & Architecture, Distributed Systems, Systems Engineering, DevOps, Web Development, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, Machine/Deep Learning, NLP, Computer Vision, Data Engineering. DSP, Embedded Systems, Scientific Programming, Mathematical Modelling & Applied Mathematics.

Industries of Experience & Interest :
Financial Technology (FinTech) – Supply Chain – Telecommunication – Industry 4.0


Beside my engineering career, I work with the engineering community both as volunteer and professional, I've been an IEEE Volunteer for more than 4 years, both locally and globally, from being my local student branch chairman to organizing the largest programming competition in the planet.

Aside the tech, I was the Co-Founder & General Manager of the first makerspace and fab lab in the Suez canal region (Fab Lab Ismailia) , taking the lead of the maker community in this region and accelerating the growth of the engineering & maker community.

I believe that empowering of the community is integral to advancing the engineering as a discipline, so my technical work and community-oriented work go hand in hand to fulfill my vision.


Machine & Deep Learning

Design and Implementation of real-life AI Products, with focus on Computer Vision, NLP and Time-Series Forecasting.

Software & System Design

Software planning from business requirement gathering to the production, software systems design & architecture.

Scientific Programming & Simulations

Implementing Algorithms and Simulations in scientific enviornments with focus in communication, electronics, DSP and control systems .

Backend Development & DevOps

Developing APIs & Backends for various products and maintaing tests, production/dev pipelines while helping developers have an easier life.


General Purpose Languages

Python, C, C++ , Ruby ,Java SE, Assembly (MIPS, AVR & x86)

Web Development

– APIs : GraphQL, REST
– Python : Flask, Django
– Ruby : Ruby on Rails, Sinatra
– JavaScript : Node.js, React.js , Apollo, Express
– Others : PHP (Vanilla), JavaScript (Vanilla), HTML/CSS

Machine & Deep Learning

– NLP : NLTK, word2vec.
– Frameworks : Keras, Tensorflow, Sckit-learn.
– Dashboards & Visualization : matplotlib, dash, plotly.
– Data Manipulation : R, SQL , Scipy, Numpy, Pandas, Daru (Ruby).
– Time Series Analysis : Auto-regression, ARIMA/SARIMA, FBProphet.
– Computer Vision & Image Processing : OpenCV, Tessaract, Skimage, PIL


– Scientific Computing : MATLAB , Simulink, Mathematica
– Hardware Description : VHDL
– Scripting : Bash, AWK

Other Tools & Skills

– Engineering Skills : Digital Signal Processing, Selected Applied Mathematics Topics.
– Microcontroller Experience : PIC16F & PIC18F – Atmega328/32/16 – Arduino – Tiva C.
– Digital Fabrication : Cura, Inkscape, 3D Printers (Shisan, Makerbot, RepRap), Laser Cutters.
– DevOps : Cpanel, Wordpress, AWS, DigitalOcean, Nginx, Docker.
– Others : API/SDK Design, Documentation, Proteus, EagleCAD, Odoo, Android Studio, Git.
– DevOps : cpanel, Wordpress, AWS, Azure, DigitalOcean, Nginx, Heroku, Docker, cAdvisor.
– Engineering Skills : Digital Signal Processing, Selected Abstract & Applied Mathematics Topics.
– Microcontroller Experience : ESP - RPi – PIC16F/18F – Atmega328/32/16 – Arduino – Tiva C – 8051.
– Data Engineering & Databases: MySQL – SQLite – PostgresDB – InfluxDB – Grafana – Elastic Search.
– Others : API & SDK Design, Software Documentation, Proteus, EagleCAD, Odoo, Android Studio, Git.
– Digital Fabrication : Cura, Inkscape, 3D Printers (Shisan, Makerbot, RepRap), Laser Cutters, CNC Milling

Work Experience

Full-Time/ Part-Time
November 2018 : Present

Software Engineer


Cairo, Egypt

November 2018 : Present

AI Software Architect


Cairo, Egypt

Feb 2019 : Present

Machine Learning Engineer

Lyra Analytics

Cairo, Egypt

July 2018 : Jan 2019

Machine Learning Engineer


Cairo, Egypt

July 2018 : Jan 2019

Software Developer

Hadath GIE

Cairo, Egypt

July 2016 : Jan 2018

Software Developer

Aurora Solutions

Cairo, Egypt

February 2014 : July 2017

Software Developer

Pi Developers

Cairo, Egypt


October 2017 : July 2018

Embedded Software Engineer


Cairo, Egypt

August 2017 : Jan 2018

Software Developer

EPC Academy

Cairo, Egypt

July 2015 : July 2016

Freelance Software Developer


Cairo, Egypt


Aug 2016 : Present

Co-Founder, Manager

Fab Lab Ismailia

Cairo, Egypt

Volunteering & Extracurricular

Nov. 2016 : Present

Safety Judge & Technical Support Engineer

ROV Arab Competition

Ismailia, Egypt

April 2016 : Oct 2018

Technology & Engineering Mentor

NASA Space Apps Ismailia

Ismailia, Egypt




Cairo, Egypt


Open Source Software Mentor

Cluster of Innovation, University of Delhi

New Delhi, India



IEEE Day & IEEE madC

Cairo, Egypt

2017 : Present



Cairo, Egypt

2016 : 2017

Science Committee Member

Eureka Scientific Society

Ismailia, Egypt


Technical Head


Ismailia, Egypt


Technical Member


Ismailia, Egypt

Honors and Awards

2019, 2018, 2017

Technical Support Team Award

MATE ROV Regional Competition


No Pain No Gain

MATE ROV Regional Competition

May 2016

Best Website in Region 8

IEEE Website Contest

July 2016

Golden Medal of Innovation

MTI UGV Competition


Sept. 2015 - Present

BSc. Electrical, Electronics and Communications Engineering

Suez Canal University

Ismailia, Egypt

2005 - 2015

Egyptian GCSE

Suez Canal Authority Private Languages School

Ismailia, Egypt

2001 - 2005

Elementary Education

Kanana Languages School

Cairo, Egypt


Reading & Writing

Reading adds to you the experience of thousands of years and the whole civilizations to your mind in days, totally worth it, also makes you less arrogant.

Writing is a good way to express, no need to explain more but can you check my blog?


Mathematics is the art and science of understanding patterns and building rigor in the humand mind, a total definition of understood magic of abstraction, I like Real & Complex Analysis, Linear Algebra, Discrete Maths and Logic, alongside ODE/PDE and Optimization Theory.

Engineering & Computer Science

Learning this since a small age, became my passion, major, and bill-paying methodology too.


The more you know, the more you know you don't know, as socrates said.
I have a huge interest in epistemology, philosophy of mathematics, logic, aesthetics, religion and comparative religion.


They say travel has 7 benefits, I think this is true.
travel makes your horizon wider and more tolerant.


Food is a gateway to cultures, which is something I like to explore. From street food to the most classy restaurant in the town, wether it's local or foreign, food is love.


Check out my Github Profile

Check out my Gitlab Profile
Nokia Networks :
• Dashboard for Elastic Search Cluster Error Logs Analysis
• Ticketing System for telecommunication sites management & issue monitoring
• Reporting & Analytics Tool for Telecommunication Subscriber Data Management (SDM) Software
• TAI2.0 – A revamped large-scale distributed system for Telecom & NPO Analytics
Digified :
• End-to-End Anti-spoofing & Liveness Detection Solution for Identity Verification
• Digified-CI, a tailored CI/CD Solution, for large scale distributed computer vision applications.
• End-to-End Arabic OCR Solution for official & government documents
• End-to-End Face Recognition and Verification Solution
• Document Data Verification & Fraud Detection Solution Using NLP & computer vision
Lyra Analytics :
• End-to-End Time-Series Forecasting & Analysis Solution for Retail Sales
• End-to-End Dashboard & Predictive Sales Analytics Solution for Textiles Factory
• End-to-End Patient Count Prediction & Inventory Consumption Forecasting for Hospitals
Aurora Solutions :
• Odoo REST API to interface with Sales and Customers Modules
• iPharma – Android Application for pharmacies medicine ordering
• Citadel Tours, Wordpress website to book and search for best tours
Pi Developers :
• Pi Locker, Gesture Lockscreen for android
• Socials Addict, Social Network Addiction Monitor / Digital Wellbeing Application
Personal Projects & Expirements :
• 8-bit processor from scratch using logic gates
• CopyMyTab – Window/Tab management Chrome extension
• Donne – Blood Donors Social Platform to request and donate blood
• Simplex – a LISP-Like Interpreted Programming Language, Built with C
• RoboX – Desktop tool for controlling various robots over Joystick or Mobile
• Brainf*** interpreter – a C++ Interpreter for an esoteric programming language
University Projects :
• Arrhythmia Detector with Deep Learning & Machine Learning
• Z80 Microprocessor Emulation Library for Arduino/Atmega328
• MATLAB & FPGA Hybrid Speech Recognition using FFT & Hamming Distance
Extra-curricular & Engineering Teams :
• ROV Competition Playgrounds (ROV Regional Competition)
• Hydra ROV – Underwater Robot Wireless-Controlled with Android Application (Admiral)
• Coyote UGV – Large Size Ground Robot Wireless-Controlled with Android Application (Gunners)


Mobile Number - Whatsapp only +20 1159700106